Does Your Brand Survive On Offers?

Buy One Get One, Flat 50% off, Save 25%, Share to win, & more are some of the few offers we are tempted to use each day!

Is your Brand too, promoting offers to attract new eyeballs and make them your customers?

While offers are a successful marketing tactic and they create traction for your product, Brands most often tend to burn their pockets and end up getting “offer time only” customers.

How can Brands makes sure that your customers love you beyond just offers?

Happy Customer Is A Loyal Customer !



Happy Customer Is A Loyal Customer !It all starts with not just knowing who your customer is, but also understanding the way they think about you when they come across your Brand. We have a few ideas for you to get started.

    • Start talking more about how your product is made, why you do what you do, why you came into existence. You can dig deeper into the meaning of the real essence of what difference your product will make for your customers and make it a part of all your marketing promotions because a customer will believe you when you share your values and beliefs.

    • A testimonial is a great way to build trust in your Brand because it substantiates all that you claim, so let the world know why your frequent customers love you, what the people out there are missing if they haven’t come to you yet.

    • Sample your most famous offering and make your customers feel special knowing that their opinion or feedback matters to your Brand in the most important way. Let them be a critic if they want to, because your Brand only encourages honest opinion.

    • Social Media is the place to be, talk to people out there, share what you feel they would love to have on their wall, give tips, make your customers feel special, well there is no end to what you can do out there for free.

    • Associate your Brand with a social cause that relates to your products at the core. Define the various ways in which this affiliation complements both entities. This way you can connect to your target group and also let them know of your commitment to social responsibility.

    • Who doesn’t like an unexpected surprise.. So go ahead and analyse who your most  loyal customers are and surprise them with not just a e-goodie but a physical one. The efforts your Brand would take to make your favorite customers surprised, will make you their favorite and their friend’s favorite too !!

So go ahead and give these these ideas a try, besides the offers that you run currently and we are sure that very soon your customers won’t just be waiting for a promotional offer to experience what you have in store for them.!