Grab a “Big Data” Bite…!!


Data Analysis

The world is now transformed into a huge web of data scattered across all around, yet to be detangled.

Did you know, that your restaurant too has its data web out there? Yes, there is a huge amount of information that your restaurant creates every minute of the day including everything, beginning from the food inventory, employee schedules, payroll, sales, orders, items you sell on the menu, your customer’s favorite dishes, food photographs, reviews and it goes on…phew!!

If you could make use of all this information that is generated inside and outside your restaurant and create journey’s of how every customer is connected to you, it would be a dream come true. Although this would have seemed to be, too good to be true, few years back, but all thanks to the benefits of big data analytics on cloud, drawing an in-depth analysis of all information is now a piece of cake.

Why does Big Data technology really matter for your restaurant?

  • Get more orders and reduce wait times in real time
  • Provide an unforgettable experience to customers according to their orders and habits
  • Gain real-time access to what your customers say and what your competitors are up to
  • Know the dining trends and build customized menu on the go, region-wise
  • Measure effectiveness of all promotional campaigns to save on the marketing spends
  • Understand which dishes are the best to bring the food lovers back.
  • Know your best customers, their average spends and visits.
  • How many first time diners turn into loyal ones.
  • How your staff can be ranked on how soon they serve the tables and who needs to be trained.

You’ll be really surprised at the amount of data that you already have, but if it’s not analysed right now, you are losing huge business. So the faster you jump on the big data bandwagon the better you can manage, control and improve your restaurant operations before everyone else.. So take a Big Data bite and make sure that by 2050, your restaurant too is amongst the ones responsible for feeding the 9 billion people on earth.

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