10 Kitchen Management Hacks !


When customers with hungry bellies walk into your restaurant, you don’t want to simply serve them the best delights created in your kitchen, but also mesmerize them with an unforgettable dining experience.

We have listed 10 important Kitchen Management Hacks to let you focus on getting the food served faster and continue getting new customers who will be excited to dine at your restaurant.

  1. Structure your Kitchen Team:
    Find out the people who have an analytical mind, choose the ones who will take the ownership of being responsible to streamline the activities in your kitchen, train them thoroughly well because that’s the only way they will know what you expect from them.

  2. Automate Food Ordering:
    Automation speeds up most of the manual processes that drain time, so why not place a tablet for food ordering – Digital Menu. The customer can gain all information of the dishes you serve and choose delicacies according to their preference, once the order is placed you get it immediately flashed in your kitchen. This way you can only end up serving your most lengthy preparation dishes, faster.

  3. Make your Menu, Profitable:
    A menu is a crucial aspect of your restaurant because that’s the only way for your customers to even start ordering the food in your kitchen. The dishes you display on your menu will be in charge for bringing in the profits to run a successful business. Put your best selling dishes on the top, insert actual photos, description of the dishes, use relative pricing, go virtual…Just be practical and flexible.

  4. Smart Kitchen Design:
    Make sure to consult your chef before you design, because that’s a space where your chef works everyday. They make the best kitchen designers since they know where and how everything in your kitchen should be, for them to cook faster. A smartly designed kitchen will save huge bucks and make huge bucks for you too, by serving more customers than ever before.

  5. Energy Efficient Appliances:
    Energy saved is energy gained and you need all the energy possible to run a successful restaurant. So make use of energy efficient appliances and establish  simple operational and maintenance procedures. You can always consult an energy consultant to work far more efficiently and use less energy. Train your entire staff and you too practice energy saving methods, a very critical step to reduce spends.

  6. Prevent Blockages In Sewer System:
    Block Fats, Oils & Grease to save money on maintenance and reduce the cost of hiring emergency plumbing repairs at unexpected situations. Use strainers on the floor and sink drains, do not drain oil in the sinks, dry wipe dishes before washing them, wash the sinks frequently, begin these practices by training your kitchen staff first and stay in compliance with creating a clean nation.

  7. In-restaurant Marketing:
    You own a space that’s completely dedicated to your restaurant in this world, so instead of only spending huge amounts on marketing campaigns, why not make use of all the real estate at your disposal. It is one of the least expensive tools and a great way of increasing revenue because a plays that feels great visually increases your Brand value. Make complete use of images and displays even on your tables, chairs, walls & restrooms, just be creative.

  8. Run Staff Loyalty Programs:
    We know your run loyalty programs for your customers, but why not run them for your staff as well. Encourage them to share their goals for the day and surprise them with a treat when the goal is achieved. Ensure the goals are specific and measurable so that you too can enjoy the benefits of increased productivity levels at your restaurant.

  9. Creatively Organize Kitchen Storage:
    Use smart shelving options, make use of empty spaces creatively, practice First In, First Out rule, use labels, create a pantry inventory so you are not wasting your space in items that have expired. Create categories of items kept in different areas of your kitchen, then create a kitchen storage map and finally place it in an area for your kitchen staff to locate items easily and save time.

  10. Adopt Food Safety Measures:
    Practice food safety measures in using raw materials, water, ingredient formulations, food preparation or processing methods, transportation handling & storage of prepared food and use properly designed utensils to cook food. Ensure that cleanliness and sanitization schedules are created and executed, along with timely waste disposal and pest control programs to keep your restaurant safe – A treat of healthy and delicious food for your customers…

Adopt these 10 Kitchen Management Hacks and reduce Operation Time & Cost for your restaurant… Start Today !!!

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