Driving fast in B2B lane, DONE launching soon in B2C lane

DONE is quickly spreading its wings by making way into the B2C domain as well, by tying up with major food brands. With a plan to distribute an ultra premium number, 8080808080, to take orders, which will be launched first in Mumbai, and then in other cities, DONE is all set to shift its gears.

With more than 60,000 orders per month from the platform ascertains their efficiency and effectiveness. DONE is soaring high in the FnB industry, and many are already taking advantage of its flight.

Himanshu Khona, Director at DONE, further discussed the flexibility and scalability of DONE which has resulted in its rapid growth over the years, and how combining the B2C lane would be beneficial for its clients.

To know more about the roadmap of DONE, please read the full Press Release at Core Communique.

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