Welcome to Done – brand new local commerce.


2020 will have 8 billion people across the globe. The figure doesn’t really matter. Point is- People are local! They have always been and will always be! They’ll have a local fast food joint to eat from, a preferred local restaurant to dine at, a local pharmacy to quickly deliver stuff, a local branch to bank with, a local language to communicate in and their list of ‘favorite locals’ is endless…

People are Local because they want it NOW! Local is NOW!

DONE is a local commerce company that allows consumers to discover, explore and order food and beverages from their favorite local outlets using App, Web & Call.

It’s QUICK, It’s WOW, It’s DONE!

Why the name Done?

Done is a very commonly used term when you get things “done”. Even in a normal conversation, we use the term like “Done hain sir”, “Done hain Done”, “chalo Done hain phir” and so on.

So in our daily language Done word is used to signify something which you “complete”.

And that is exactly what we stand for “Complete”.

So you may want to ask, how are we doing it exactly?

Well, For that you got to stay tuned. We will soon see the magic of curtains.

Till then done dana done done!


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