The fun of working in Food industry… they treat you with their food!!

This was a year long pending treat from Box8.

So box8 gave us a treat. “FANTASTIC” was the word from all team members. So I asked them to give me a feedback on it.

Thanks to box8 team for the wonderful treat, was worth it.

Here are the reviews dedicated to their food –

(K – The guy gets a special mention as he is the “WEB” guy. Takes pride in building beautiful Web experiences, and has agreed to write blogs for us too)

Grilled Chicken Sandwich: Bhai bread hai ya ajooba? Swaad ke samundar mein main dooba.

Chicken Cheese Blast Sandwich: Chicken mashallah, cheese subhanallah.
Chicken Overload Box: Isko bolte hain overload.



Here are the feedback from real people, real food (proud developers giving their reviews on the food, just short one liners)

(G – The Android developer who is always on his toes to respond to the customer request)

Grilled Chicken Sandwich: Great chicken,fresh bread with a nice dose of cheese.Yummy to the last!

(R – The PHP master, new entrant always ready to do the good new stuff)

Grilled Chicken Sandwich: Fresh chicken , rich in Mayo , perfect aroma of each ingredients , very nicely presented . Best in the class one could have :)

(NT – The iOS veggie expert, his eyes popped out seeing the yummy food!)

Paneer Mushroom Wrap: Good Packaging. Tasted Yummy with mushroom. Good in Quantity too.

(NP – The PHP expert, his work will be soon available to customers. Always says YES to everything. And yes, did I tell you that he did not eat outside food till he joined DONE)

Paneer Mushroom Box:Nice Makhni Cury with lacha paratha.Nicely Packed Box. gr8 in Taste

(DP – Well he is the android and our back end Master. Takes pride in making the stuff good and worth it)

Roasted chicken wrap yesterday and  Grilled chicken sandwich today

Delicious, fresh and filling food that’s delivered in gift wrapping. A thoughtfully crafted experience!



So we are enjoying while building a beautiful platform for Food and beverages, its fun.

So who wants to get their food reviewed, bring it on and we will write a honest review (so your food must be lip smackingly good before you send to us).

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