Driving fast in B2B lane, DONE launching soon in B2C lane

DONE is quickly spreading its wings by making way into the B2C domain as well, by tying up with major food brands. With a plan to distribute an ultra premium number, 8080808080, to take orders, which will be launched first in Mumbai, and then in other cities, DONE is all set to shift its gears.

With more than 60,000 orders per month from the platform ascertains their efficiency and effectiveness. DONE is soaring high in the FnB industry, and many are already taking advantage of its flight.

Himanshu Khona, Director at DONE, further discussed the flexibility and scalability of DONE which has resulted in its rapid growth over the years, and how combining the B2C lane would be beneficial for its clients.

To know more about the roadmap of DONE, please read the full Press Release at Core Communique.

It’s Better To Be Digital

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When I was a kid, whenever I went to shopping, I always used to check the prices of something at all the stores to buy it at the best price. I still do the same, the only difference is from the plethora of shops I have switched to tabs on my browser. Yes, many tabs of all the popular websites with my left hand on Ctrl + Tab and right on the mouse. That’s how digital mediums have revolutionized the concept of buying.

However, when it comes to ordering food, it’s much more significant for both the user, and the owner of the food joint or the Brand. For the user, it’s the power to choose whereas the owner gets the power to reach and attract the potential customers. And its list of benefits just doesn’t end here.

For instance, earlier if you have to open a food Brand, you need infrastructure, capital, and manpower so on, whereas today, you can open a small joint with majority of orders on take-aways or delivery. The online food ordering and order management platforms have given the owners, with limited capital but limitless dreams, a medium to serve the empty plates with their delicious food at a reasonable price. They have simplified the process of going digital.

Going digital not only gives Brands a better and an effective way to reach more plates, but it has also enabled them to track down the plates for a refill and which dish needs to be made in large amount, as per the customer’s demand. Such actionable insights and analytics have further emphasized the need of getting digital.

So, if you are an owner of a restaurant, QSR or any other food joint and still wondering about the pros and cons, and whether to travel in the digital lane or not; give it a try. Along with your offline business, do business online too. And don’t worry, with us, Consider it DONE!


The Rising Concept of Franchising

Earlier, I had to rush 10 km from my house, just to have a bite of my favourite ‘Aloo tikki’ from Bobby Tikki Wala (BTW). Such was the craving, and the solution was to travel. However, now I have 2-3 BTWs within the 2-3 km radius with Free Home Delivery option hanging at their doors. My family was thrilled and phrased it like, “they have come to our town too”. Indeed, they have. Not just BTW, but the concept of franchising along with many of your favourite brands.

According to IBEF, the Indian food market is currently valued at US$ 1.3 billion and is growing at a CAGR of 20% CAGR which is expected to cross US$ 2.8 billion by 2015. This signifies the huge potential and the pool of opportunity this industry has to offer, and the success of Dominos by Jubilant Foodworks Ltd (more than 800 restaurants in 170 cities in less than 2 decades), or Subway’s plan to operate 1000 outlets in India by 2015 (involving an investment of Rs. 300 crore), demonstrate the success and a glimpse of future for food franchising in India.

The trend of franchising has shifted gears in the last few years in India. Among the main reasons contributing to this shifting, are the rise in the delivery sector, the organizing of the food sector and changing preference of consumers towards fast food. The increase in the online food ordering service has also compelled the owners to think of opening the franchise of the famous brands in varied localities in order to facilitate the target group there. As the ease of getting a bite of your favorite brand within your residential area, or at the comfort of your couch is captivating.

Franchising not only ensures the customers of a standard taste but also a safer bet for the owners from the business point of view. Yeah, it has its share of cons too and thereby, certain points have to be considered. Such as a fixed amount, a good one, as royalties, advertisement fees, the restraints like pricing, geography territory, staff quality as per set by the brand along with some other legal obligations. However, the saved effort in making a brand from scratch outweighs the cons to a large extent. With franchising, all you need to figure out is a good location which can give you a good positive margin between the profits and royalties.

So, the next time you visit a brand far from your home, don’t worry and just wait. As it will come to your locality too, sooner or later.

From In-Person to On Apps

Whenever somebody enquires me about a good restaurant these days, a nostalgic feeling gushes through my spine and reminds me of the times when it was the only way to find a good restaurant. The times have changed due to the rush of various mobile apps and web portals in the market, and the source of enquiry has taken a swing from persons to apps.


The apps are not just a digital version of a helping friend, but a beautiful amalgamation of creativity and technology to serve the relevant person at the right time. Many of these apps are quite a personification in themselves. Where some apps are like those foodie friends, who know about all the restaurant with their pamphlets in their drawers, some help in arranging those pamphlets with a payment gateway to facilitate you in placing orders.

Digital menus, special offers only available on apps, coupons in mail and phone’s inbox, no need to iterate your address to the order executive anymore and lots more, are just a ‘tap on your app’ away. If that wasn’t enough, certain apps have even taken the responsibility to help the people craving for good food in an unfamiliar market by sending them information and offers from a nearby restaurant using the beacon technology. Now, that’s some innovation.

FnB industry is growing or rather innovating with each of its steps towards a online future with all the relevant information, reviews, lucrative offers and options for the customers, leaving no stone unturned for a perception glitch. Enhancing your online business is a necessity and not having a customized mobile app might hurt your plans. If you are worried about the cost, then don’t be. We can enhance your business online and on mobile at very reasonable prices.

So, don’t wait! Your prospective customers are waiting for you on their mobiles. Get it done.

DONE serving the Indian F&B industry with innovative solutions


Himanshu Khona, Director – Done Solutions in a chat with VARINDIA has discussed about the positioning of DONE, the adoption rate of his solutions in the country, the challenges that the company is facing at present besides its marketing strategy.

He also discussed about the rapid increase in the number of brands Done is handling, along with his belief of ‘marketing yourself through your work’. Click here to read the rest of the article and know what more Done has in store, for the nearby future.