Consumer taste buds need variety

There was a time when the craving for a quality dinner or lunch is met at a Dine-in restaurant. The regional cuisines were famous among the crowd. For instance, the plates of North Indians were full of Dal Makhni, Shahi Paneer or Butter Chicken whereas the South Indians preferred Dosas, Appams, their traditional thalis and so on. However, the time has changed and so has the taste buds of the people.

I still remember my switch from Butter Naan to Cheese Capsicum Onion Pizza. Since that day, Pizza has become my preferable choice at any restaurant. If that wasn’t enough the increasing number of Chinese Kiosk in almost all the complexes and markets have brought a huge change in the people’s evening snack choice. Similarly, when one of my friends tried Dal Makhni at a Delhi restaurant, he went gaga over it and passed his ordered cuisine to me. In short, the people need a variety in their food, and they are willing to even shell extra money for that.

In the last one year through our platform, we have seen a huge rise in the Fast Food and Frozen Delight segment. The following graph shows the preference of orders we saw on our platform,

Customer these days have many options when it comes to food, and they don’t hesitate in experimenting with something new. The Quality governs their choices, as only it can make them stick to something for a longer period.

Have you heard about the Dosa Plaza? The chain, with over 100 kinds of Dosas, understood this need of the people and experimented with their Dosas and people loved it. You can do the same. So, if you are a restaurant owner and dreaming for those big lines or waiting customers on call, experiment with something new while assuring its quality. You might hit the jackpot too.

Good Delivery System leads to Loyal Customer Base

The word ‘Good Restaurant’ pops up many images in front of us. For instance, awesome food, great ambience, and quick service, but then there comes one more picture, of a pizza boy, delivering the pizzas hot and fresh, at our doorsteps. Doesn’t it feel amazing to enjoy the same freshness and quality food, along with the comfort of your home?

The answer in most of the cases would be Yes, and this draws a fair contrast between the Dine-in and Home delivery concept. Where Dine-in offers an overall experience including ambience, food and service, the delivery concept focuses on ordering and delivery experience along with food.

Do you remember your last food ordering experience? Was it smooth or substandard? If it was substandard, would you consider ordering again from the same place?

No, you won’t.

With the pool of options for food, it takes just one negative attribute to annoy the customer. And in return, it sometimes even hampers the loyal customer base of the Brand. And if as a Brand, you are missing on the smoothness of your delivery experience, you are giving an advantage to your competitors.

Good ordering and delivery experience is as much important as good food. It even allows you to serve people without having an infrastructure for Dine-in. Many startups nowadays are entering into the F&B industry, and guess what! They are doing exceedingly well on account of innovation in their food and smooth ordering experience.

It enhances a Brand’s customer base and revenue. The potential of the delivery format has also gained traction with the evident success of prominent pizza chains in India, such as Dominos and Pizza Hut, which have derived a good part of their revenues from the delivery format. In fact, with the seamless ordering platform, gratifications in the form of discount coupons, and compensation for delay in delivery, they have a very loyal customer base which even fetch their Brands the word of mouth publicity.

It’s said that until it not delivered properly, it’s not done properly. So, do ensure that your delivery service is as amazing as your food. As a good delivery system takes care of your potential business which is out there, waiting to be served.

Have you checked your business’ health recently?

1363906925-Business+Health+Check2_jpg-detailIn this ever-developing economy, busy professional life, and hectic schedule, we often miss to keep a check on our health, until it’s a little late. The same characteristic can be said for your business’ health too. The only difference is that a little late, can often get more critical for your business. Business’ health depicts the growth of any business, and any leniency in it, can cost you big time. But how can you actually check it? Let us know how.

When your business comes under the FnB industry, you have to keep in account the details such as, your least performing outlet; least favourite dish among the customers; and if there is any loophole in your business model that you should address. Analytics can help you create an effective and efficient business model by utilizing the audience’s preferences and removing the loopholes if any.

The role of Analytics might be overlooked in front of amazing food, great presentation, and sound marketing techniques, but it cannot be neglected completely. Analytics makes the basis for a solid foundation and helps in building your business in the right direction. For instance, you can up-sell your favourite dish, take special care for your least performing outlet, leverage your existing customers, and re-target them.

As a good health always saves a lot of money, personally or professionally, Analytics can help in having a check on the overall business health. Brands have started increasing their business’ overall efficiency by utilizing Analytics in their business model. Daily monitoring and remedial actions assist in changing the model accordingly, to make it more beneficial.