More than 30,000 orders per month with around 30 brand on board, DONE!

DONE, a cloud-based Online Order Management, CRM and Analytics platform, has recently crossed the mark of 30,000 orders per month through their platform. In the last 6 months, they have achieved an increase of nearly 90% in their clientele and have attracted around 30 brands till date. The simple yet sophisticated user interface of the platform has provided their clients a tremendous growth of around 400% per quarter in web orders with good responses in other ordering avenues too.

The capability of handling any volume of orders, scalability to cater any number of outlets, and skills in enhancing the online presence makes DONE a “Complete” solution for the FnB industry. According to the National Restaurant Association of India, the Indian Food Service Industry was worth $13 bn in 2013 and is expected to reach $78 bn by 2018. As per India Brand Equity Foundation, the online food ordering business in India in 2014 was estimated to be around $780 mn- $940 mn, which is growing at 20-30% Month-over-Month (MoM). It makes this industry a gravy train for the investors, and DONE would surely be on their radar for investments. The availability of Analytics Dashboard to gain business insights and CRM, further shifts the ball in their court.

Himanshu Khona, Co-Founder at DONE, discussed the change in the consumer behaviour towards Web ordering, and how other avenues are performing in comparison.

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Are Your Customers Already Spoiled?


Sanjay always prefers to go the same restaurant to dine in, no matter how many alternatives he has. Even when his friends ask him to suggest a place to eat, he starts praising the same restaurant and has sent his many friends there till date.

But is this behaviour unusual? Absolutely not!

Everyone knows at least one person who does these things, and the only reason for such behaviour is that he has been spoiled by the good service of a restaurant. Good service not only lures the customers, it makes them loyal too.

The more loyal a customer gets, the more business he brings, directly or indirectly. For instance, I love to visit a restaurant due to their awesome food quality, adorable presentation, amiable hospitality, and lastly, their great ambiance. In a way, they have spoiled me to an extent that I prefer them, even if I am offered with slightly better options. After all, they have earned my loyalty through their amazing service and food. I even suggest it to all my friends, whenever they seek my help.

A customer has many choices from cuisines to restaurants, thereby it gets very important for a restaurant owner to attract new customers and retain his old ones.This can be done through innovative marketing strategies, and quality of food and service, respectively.

Similar is the case with ordering food. A good ordering experience increases the chances of a customer calling again. Nobody likes to wait for their call to get picked up, or get late delivery. The quality of service matters the most after the quality of food for any restaurant. If your ordering service is not on par, then despite serving the best food in the market, you might lose potential business.

It’s not about just serving the food; it’s about serving an experience. If your customers are not spoiled yet, what are you waiting for?

Make them comfortable. Give them a memorable taste of food. Pamper them. In short, spoil them!

Our Journey Has Just Begun

VivaConnect, India’s Largest ‘Voice’ and ‘Missed Call’ company has ventured into Food and Beverage (F&B) industry by developing ‘DONE’, a tailor-made order management platform. The platform establishes its eminence by covering all possible contemporary mediums of placing an order including phone calls, web and mobile.

329In this interview with Food Marketing & Technology, Himanshu Khona, Director Done Solutions, points out that this complete platform for Order Management, CRM and Analytics will serve every technology solution needed to run a restaurant in a single package, from dine-in to delivery, including payments and customer loyalty.

He shared some keynotes and incidents from the journey Done has done in the last one year and his vision for the road ahead.

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The Making of An Entrepreneur

“Growing and succeeding are part of an entrepreneur’s life, requiring motivation, a strong self-belief and, sometimes, a slap right across your face in order to re-analyse your flaws and climb the ladder again. Sometimes, when you don’t have a plan at your disposal, it can get quite scary” expressed Mr. Himanshu Khona, Co-Founder of DONE, in a recent interview with the Impact Magazine.


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