Menu : The Script to Success

Menu: The Script to Success



No matter how good is the cast, how great is the cinematography, or how amazing is the movie location; you won’t come out of the theatre satisfied if it has a crappy script. And the same thing goes for the F&B industry as well, in a way, even more.

Menu, the first thing customer ask for, scripts the  journey ahead for your business in the midst of the other contributing factor such as your smooth service and awesome food. It, in fact, lures the customer to order something over the other, try something new over their pre-decided item, or to come again to try just that one special dish which has a unique name.

It doesn’t just happen by chance. Proper Analysis and Planning is done to make a menu simple but effective, targeting its customers on sweet spots, and presenting its food on paper in an attractive and noticeable way. For instance, the same ‘Shahi Paneer’ is with different names in different restaurants; the exciting combo packs, which give you a whole package in a slightly cheaper way; some dishes always get your eyes, no matter how many times you open the menu and so on. It affects people choices and helps the brand in enhancing its business when done properly. Scientifically, it’s termed as Menu planning or Menu engineering.

Menu planning helps in deciding, which orders customer prefer more, price for each menu item, aligning it with the trends that are popular and making the combos that go well together, both in customer preference and taste. It helps restaurateurs reduce wastage,  encourage customers to order more expensive items and promote their signature house specialties by influencing customers.

Brands can easily leverage menu engineering techniques, by making changes in their menus on the fly, giving combos their customer can’t resist and making business by just tweaking their script. Afterall, it’s only a good script, that can hold the customer till a thrilling climax, i.e your amazing food. Your competitors might be taking its advantage, what are you waiting for?

Technology driving a Fast and Furious growth in the F&B Industry

Technology driving a Fast and Furious growth in the F&B Industry

Being a Restaurant, QSR or Food Brand owner, do you sometimes wonder what extra edge you can have against your competitors, which will make you a step ahead of them?

Big lines outside, Happy customers inside, Chefs being busy right from the go and in the end, the feeling of serving something delicious, makes the day of any owner in the F&B industry.

According to a Customer Experience Report by RightNow, the #1 reason for the customers to be associated with a brand is its Customer service. A good Customer Service not only sets the perception of the customer in your favour, but creates a sense of loyalty and trust, which eventually fills your cash registers and delivers smiles all around. The only thing people remember and take with them, is the experience they get.


Like every industry, F&B industry is also turning its head towards technology to deliver a unique customer experience. Use of Touchscreen food vendors, LED alert systems, Dedicated IT teams, are just some of few changes that the industry is now using to create an experience. Moreover, you don’t need to be an expert or an engineer to implement these innovations. With SAAS model, even a startup can be a tech-restaurant, without making huge investments or hiring a big IT team.

Owners in the F&B industry are not just focussing on Market research before launching themselves, but they are researching for relevant tech innovations too. For instance, not being on Zomato, simply means you don’t want your Restaurant to be big enough. The logic has become as simple as that. Customer loyalty programmes and Data analysis, which was not prevalent earlier, has become a crucial factor of any Restaurant or QSR’s business plan.

Technology has now become an important part of our lives, like always, but the rapid innovation in Mobile industry and cloud computing is now making an impact more than ever. This impact is now being felt everywhere, and one of the places where technology is now clearly driving growth is the F&B industry.

Get it done!

Get it done!

Done Solutions takes care of order management needs of the chained food service market across all formats – from QSRs to fine dining restaurants, to pubs, lounges, et al. The cloud-based solution also provides CRM and analytics platform to restaurants.

329Recently, in talks with the Financial Express, Mr. Himanshu Khona shared some key points along the journey of Done, and about how Done has become an asset in marking digital presence and enhancing order management for its clients.


“In the F&B industry, proper market analysis, tracking and engaging existing customers and efficiency are key driving factors. Restaurants were still struggling in this area due to unorganised data which addresses this issue,” states Khona

To know, what more Done has to offer, click HERE to read the article in the Financial Express.