If your QSR doesn’t offer a great ordering experience, get ready to expire

 If your QSR doesn’t offer a great ordering experience, get ready to expire


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“Hello, XYZ Food Express? Can you please note down my order?”
“Sir, may I know your Name, Address and Mobile Number?”
“Yes it’s Rakesh, from Nyay Khand – II, Indirapuram, and my number is 98608-XXXX4. My order is One Butter Chicken, One Dal Makhani, Eight Butte….”

*Beep Beep Beep*

What!? I have to call again? Eh!

“Hello? Can you please note down my order?”
“Sir, may I know your Name, Address and Mobile Number?”
“But.. but.. I told just now!”
“Sir, you have to repeat it once again.”
“Forget it! I’ll order from somewhere else.”

Let’s take insight from this conversation. At first, the conversation might suggest a case of customer loss, but an in-depth analysis will make you realize that it’s not just customer loss, it’s a loss of QSR’s Brand Equity as well. What if this becomes a regular experience for your customers whenever they place an order?

Customers have plenty of choices, not only for dishes but for QSRs as well, and according to a survey by KISSmetrics, 71% of the customers switch to other options due to a poor customer service experience. No-one will disagree that it is the quality of food or the signature dish that makes or breaks a QSR’s reputation. However, one also cannot disagree, that a good customer experience while placing an order is a necessity to build customer loyalty.

If your QSR doesn’t offer a great ordering experience, get ready to expire.

It’s not just about placing an order over a phone call, the contemporary population is rapidly shifting towards the habit of ordering food via other online mediums like Web-ordering and Mobile apps. According to industry experts, the overall food delivery business is more than USD 7 billion. The online food ordering has a share of 5-7 percent in it and it’s growing annually by 40 percent more than dine-in culture. Also, as per a new study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Viggle, about 69 percent of consumers order food online using a mobile device. QSRs need to understand, that relying only on traditional methods might make them a mere Ramen profitable business.

Whatever your Business model be, no matter if you are well established or in amortising state, a smooth ordering experience is necessary for survival. Respecting customers’ time is a must to build Brand Name.

An effective solution to this challenge will be a comprehensive Order Management, CRM & Analytics platform. If the platform takes care of the order management, the restaurateurs get more time to focus on their core activities such as creating more trademark dishes. Addressing online customers by designing and developing a website/mobile app, creates an all-round ecosystem for the customers to order food as per their convenience.

Keeping all these factors in mind, we created DONE.

DONE empowers clients in order management, customer retargeting and increasing customer engagement, thus enabling them to scale up their business.

Our analytics platform gives insights to brands to proactively take required actions, ensuring customer sustainability. Rather than including street fighting in growth strategy, smart demographic surveys give much better results. According to Gallup,customers who are fully engaged represent 23% premium in terms of share of wallet, profitability, revenue, and relationship growth.


Taking the e-way for F&B industry in India

Taking the e-way for F&B industry in India


Tracing growth in the food ordering business, DONE is testing waters of the Food and Beverage industry in India. In 2014, Himanshu Khona and Vikram Raichura founded this cloud based order management platform to enhance the food ordering experience for the consumers in India. In a conversation with Digital Market Asia, Mr. Khona, Director of DONE discusses the opportunities and challenges in the F&B industry in India, along with the analytics of food ordering.

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How DONE is providing technology support to restaurants

India is famous for producing the most number of software engineers around the world. But a large population of the country has not been exposed to technology. India’s software potential is yet to be realised. Most people who carry a smartphone do not use it to its full potential. It’s used primarily for taking pictures, listening to music, to Whatsapp etc. The ‘smartness’ of the smartphone is hardly utilised to its fullest as most features are never put to task.

In light of this, Himanshu Khona and Vikram Raichura started DONE, an order management platform for food vendors covering all three sectors of phone, web and mobile.


Recently, DONE’s journey got published in ‘YourStory’, how brands such as Box8, Kaati Zone, Natural Ice cream etc, are a step ahead in the race by using DONE’s effective Order Management, CRM and Analytics platform.

 To know how Done empowers brands in efficient management of their resources, click HERE.