The queue was long, so it took me a while!

It looks like when you provide end to end service, customers come to you READILY!

It took me a while to prepare a new post as things were moving quickly which is really good. I took a breather today. Channelized some fresh energy and positive vibrations in myself and the team.

So some news, our web ordering is now getting templatized and getting good traction. Would love to hear feedback on the below –

We have build few websites, I would love to get feedback through comments –
Many more lined up in coming weeks and some of them pretty big ones too. Keep guessing 😉
We have set ourselves for some awesome awesome growth with platform marketing itself in a big way.
So what differentiates DONE –
  • Great Team
  • Good technology selection
  • Agility
  • Responsiveness
  • Friendliness

Businesses run smooth when customers and vendors become friends. They lead each other and not deal with each other.

We are exploring and enjoying every moment of our journey!
Happy Ordering!!
PS – Our promise is every order placed = order delivered!