Basanti Called yesterday to Order for Ice Cream

And may I add there was Jayantilal gada too who ordered yesterday?

With heart beat racing on monday morning, we opened our call center to first 2 customers. We had done enough rounds of mock and mystery calls to ensure system and people both are in working order.

Thought we would do few orders being a monday, a complete silence till noon.

And then the phones started ringing, it never stopped. There we were swamped with orders. Orders from airport were the largest and most difficult to take as every information must be accurately captured.

By evening, we had phones ringing for all home delivery orders. It seems by the end of the day, we made Natural Ice Creams run out of stock for quite a few items. I tried sleeping before the call center was to end but could not get to sleep as I was anxious for the number of orders we took.

we had mystery calls from owners as well. In the end all went well, kudos to the team. They are the real champions.

Liked by customers –

Systematic order taking, giving order numbers, getting SMS on dispatch of orders.

Dis Liked by Customers –

Apparently, customers were not used to waiting for order confirmation. So found order process to be slow (which changed by day 3, today).

Here is snapshot of things that happened 😉

Order No.642

Customer Details:


Order Type: Deliver

Order Details:-

Name Quantity Price
Tender Coconut( ) 1 215


On 21st July 2014

CompanyName TotalOrders Total Amount NewUser AvgAmount Android Web IOS Call Center
Natural Ice Cream 102 something 102 something 0 0 0 102

(They are not live on app and web, only call center)

I think the information above says it all. Signing off with a smile.

This is just a beginning to a grand success in times to come.

This is an uncharted territory and a great space to be. Enjoying every minute of it with a very young and enthusiastic team.

Yours Truly 😉