Free Ice Creams are Good

 So here is the biggest advantage of servicing clients in F & B industry. You get to try different types of Foods.
And I would be surprised if anyone did not like ice creams 😉



You got that by NOW! We found a new prospect. It was none other then Naturals Ice Cream of Juhu.

There management as well as all the staff is as good as their ice creams – HUMBLE!

We managed to get a children’s visit to their factory.  And we got a very good insight in to ice cream making process.

So I have figured a process of making ice cream but making with such accuracy is where Naturals wins the game.

Over all process involves following –

1. Milk..Milk..Milk – The milk is processed and all the water is sucked out of it to make it as thick as possible. It is heated to several degrees for several times. There are huge machines for the same. It is then cooled and filled in a tank.

2. Fruit..Fruit..Fruit – The fruits are nicely cleaned, separated and made ready for the pulp. Pulp has just the fruit and sugar. These are very neatly packed in air tight packs.

3. Ice Creams – The Ice cream is a mix of just 2 things – Milk, Fruit pulp (any chocolates of any). The mixer is a machine which mixes this milk while it is going down in temperature and the fruit pulp. The outcome is softest and freshest ice cream you would see.

Few things that I need to highlight –

1. Quality Control of highest order.

2. Hygiene of highest order.

3. Ingredients of highest order.

Leads to making ice creams of highest order.

Kudos to Naturals for giving it’s consumers the best ice cream in town.